Potential Clients

Do You Need Help With a Legal Issue?

Qualifying clients may hire CJI to provide legal representation with respect to the following legal issues:

  • Family
  • Restraining Orders
  • Housing, including landlord/tenant issues
  • Mental Health
  • Employment
  • Discrimination
  • Consumer Fraud & Scams
  • Criminal
  • Personal Bankruptcy*
  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Defense litigation of personal injury, property damage, and consumer cases
  • Small claims cases
  • Insurance disputes

*We are a Debt Relief Agency helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Our services do not currently include the following:

  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury:  We do not generally represent injured parties, because there are numerous well-qualified law firms who will represent you on a contingency fee basis where you do not pay except if they recover for you.

Are You Eligible?

We serve individuals and families who meet our income guidelines. To determine if you are eligible, please review the chart below. Find your family size listed on the left (do not count roommates.) If your total family income (as listed on the right) is less than the amount shown, then you may be eligible.

Family Size Income
1 $35,640
2 $48,060
3 $60,480
4 $72,900
5 $85,200
>5 +$12,060 for each additional member

How Much Do We Charge?

The cost of our services is based on individual circumstances. Cost will be calculated when it is decided whether a CJI attorney can take your case.

If you become a CJI client we will meet, sign an attorney-client agreement and begin work.  Although our fees are considerably less than market rate, there will be a charge if we  represent you.

Intake Procedure

To determine if we can take your case, we will need to go through a short telephone intake interview.

Call 608-204-9642 during normal business hours. Please be prepared to answer questions and spend 10-30 minutes on the phone.

Once you have completed the intake interview, your matter will be staffed to a panel of attorneys who decide whether CJI can take your case. This panel meets once a week – it will usually be at least 7-10 business days after the intake interview before you receive notice from CJI whether we will take your case. Therefore, please try and call well before your scheduled court date.