SAVE THE DATE! CJI will be celebrating 10 years of service on September 18 at the Brink Lounge!

Community Justice Inc. will be hosting a fundraising event to support CJI’s efforts to Bridge the Gap to Justice in our community and to celebrate 10 years of service.  The event will be held on September 18th at the Brink Lounge on East Washington Ave. in Madison.  CJI is very excited to have a live auction planned. Check out http://www.girlwithagavel.com/ – we couldn’t imagine a better auctioneer for our law firm! 

For more details please see our annual fundraiser page, our facebook page or in your inbox!

Check out Community Justice on the news on NBC 15.

Justice…and Legal Counsel for All

Legal representation is prohibitively expensive for many people in need of legal services. Free and low-cost legal resources are scarce and hard to obtain. There is a critical need in the Wisconsin community to increase access to the legal system for low-income and under-represented individuals.

It is our mission to serve this population through direct legal services, community awareness educational
programming and policy development advisory work. It is our goal to provide legal services at a rate drastically below the market cost of representation. We believe that through community collaboration we can advocate for the legal needs of low-income and under-represented people in the courtroom and community.

Donate…the cause benefits everyone

Community Justice Inc. and its clients rely on generous support from sponsors, donations and grants. We
need your support. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to CJI. You can securely donate to CJI right from this website by clicking on the Donate link on the left. Your help will ensure that people who face losing shelter, employment, their children, or their families’ safety receive effective legal representation.

Our Mission

Community Justice, Incorporated (CJI) is a non-profit law firm that provides people with access to justice by offering affordable legal services from qualified and dedicated attorneys.  CJI works with low-income families and individuals to secure fair representation in court, protecting the legal rights of those who would otherwise face the system alone.