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CJI Appears on La Movida Radio Show

Tina Ahedo, Norma Kropp, Nilson Riano, Jasmin Loera-Espinoza, Seep PaliwaI, and Lupita Montoto. (in order from L to R

The photo was taken after Seep Paliwal, a CJI staff attorney, and several others appeared on a La Movida radio show. La Movida is a Spanish language radio show and on Friday mornings they have a special talk radio show in connection with Madison College. Seep Paliwal participated in a round table conversation with these other attorneys.

Pictured from left to right: Tina Ahedo, Norma Kropp, and Nilson Riano from Madison College. Norma is the director of the Madison College Paralegal Program and a CJI Board Member. Jasmin Loera-Espinoza is from Ascendium, a student loan corporation, Seep Paliwal from CJI, and Lupita Montoto.

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